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The Academic Integrity Policy was created by faculty based on the core values and ideals of practice as recommended by the Center for Academic Integrity.


L: Look up the Academic Integrity Policy and the recommended sanctions for a violation. Sanctions range from a resolution program to expulsion.
E: Educate yourself on the resources available to you at UNCG, such as the Jackson Library, the Writing Center, the Student Success Center, and your professors.
A: Ask your professors any clarifying questions you may have regarding the expectations outlines in your syllabus.
R: Remember to include the Academic Integrity Pledge on the work you turn into your professor.
N: Never cheat, plagiarize, misuse academic resources, falsify documents, or facilitate academic dishonesty. Uphold the Five Core Values!


The UNCG Faculty Senate reviewed and approved the Academic Integrity Policy.
The policy, in its entirety, is available online at Student Policy Handbook: Academic Integrity.

Faculty Reported Violations

Alleged violations of the Academic Integrity Policy may be resolved in one of two ways:

Faculty-Student Joint Conference
The faculty member and student may address the allegation
Academic Integrity Hearing
If the student pleas not responsible a disciplinary hearing is held to determine the accuracy of the allegations.

Peer Reported Violations

If a student suspects another student of a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy, he/she is urged to inform the instructor and/or Coordinator of Academic Integrity of the alleged circumstance. In such cases, the instructor is urged to arrange a conference with the accused student as provided in “Faculty-Student Joint Conference.”

If a student falsely accuses another student of a violation, he/she will be subject to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct.