Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Fairness | Honesty | Respect | Responsibility | Trust

The UNCG community subscribes to the following fundamental principles of academic integrity: honesty; trust; fairness; respect; responsibility. All violations of the Academic Integrity Policy are violations of the principle of honesty but may also create questions related to trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. The below listed violations of the Academic Integrity Policy are typical, but not exhaustive, examples of the acts that constitute breaches of the Policy.


Both the academic experience and the classification of the student should be considered in the assignment of sanctions. Faculty have discretion in assigning any grade-related sanction. Whenever a grade-related sanction is imposed for a violation of academic integrity, faculty are strongly encouraged to follow this Policy. When a student is found responsible of a first violation, whether by accepting responsibility during the Faculty-Student Conference, or through the panel process, the faculty member makes the final decision about any grade related sanctions. Additional sanctions, including suspension or expulsion, may only be assigned by a hearing panel.

Some examples of educational experiences that may be assigned include but are not limited to:

  • Complete online Library Tutorial
  • Write a reflection paper about the experience
  • Perform community service through a recognized non-profit agency
  • Attend Geek Week events (September)
  • Attend Making Better Choices Seminar
  • Interview a professional in the field of student about ethics and write reflection
  • Complete online plagiarism video and reflection
  • Create a handout for other students describing plagiarism and resources to learn about appropriate citations
  • Meet with reference librarian about important resources, citation and writing style for the field
  • Submit the next assignment through Turnitin program
  • Other educational experiences identified by the instructor