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<em>Intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, or study aids in any academic exercise.</em>

Cheating includes but is not limited to unauthorized copying from the work of another student, using notes or other materials not authorized during an examination, giving or receiving information or assistance on work when it is expected that a student will do his/her own work, or engaging in any similar act that violates the concept of academic integrity.

Cheating may occur on an examination, test, quiz, laboratory work report, theme, out of class assignment or any other work submitted by a student to fulfill course requirements and presented as solely the work of the student.
<h3>Types and Sanctions</h3>
<dl><dt>”Spontaneous” cheating</dt><dd>Includes such offenses as copying from another student’s work
Recommended sanctions range from redoing/repeating an assignment/retaking a test to F in course</dd><dt>”Non-Spontaneous” cheating</dt><dd>Includes the following as typical but not exclusive examples:
<li>Premeditated copying individually or in conspiracy to copy from another student’s work during an examination</li>
<li>Obtaining unauthorized copies of the examination to be administered prior to the time of examination</li>
<li>Employing unauthorized materials during an examination</li>
Recommended sanctions range from F on assignment/test to a recommendation for expulsion</dd></dl>