Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

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<em>Intentional and unauthorized falsification or invention of any information or citation in an academic exercise.</em>

Falsification includes knowingly reporting data, research, or reports so that either the process or the product is shown to be different from what actually occurred; falsely reporting having met responsibilities of attendance or participation in class, practicum, internship, or other types of field work experience; or submission of falsified excuses for attendance or participation in such experiences. Falsification also includes submitting work to meet the requirements of one course when it was done, in whole or in part, to meet the requirements of another course. Exceptions to this provision must be given prior approval by the instructor to whom the work is to be submitted.
<dl><dt>For Undergraduates</dt><dd>Recommended sanctions range from requiring the experience to be re-done to an F on the project</dd><dt>For Graduate Students</dt><dd>Recommended sanctions range from F in the course to a recommendation for expulsion</dd><dt>For falsification of academic information on University Admissions documents</dt><dd>Recommendation for expulsion</dd></dl>