Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

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Inventing, altering, or falsifying any data, information or citation in an academic exercise. Examples of falsification include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • reporting data, research, or reports so that either the process or the product is shown to be different from what actually occurred
  • falsely reporting having met responsibilities of attendance or participation in class, practicum, internship, or other types of field work experience
  • submission of falsified excuses for attendance or participation in such experiences
  • work submitted for the requirements of any pre/post-secondary course cannot be submitted to meet the requirements in another course without the expressed permission of the instructor(s) to whom the work is to be submitted
  • falsifying experimental data or information
  • forging or falsifying any academic-related University document
  • presenting falsified information in order to postpone or avoid examinations, tests, quizzes, or other academic work