Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

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<em>Representing the words of another, as one’s own in any academic exercise.</em>

Plagiarism may occur on any paper, report, or other work submitted to fulfill course requirements. This includes submitting work done by another, whether a commercial or non-commercial enterprise, including web sites, as one’s own work.
<h3>Types and Sanctions</h3>
<dl><dt>Failure to Cite References</dt><dd>Intentional or obvious failures to properly cite sources
Recommended sanctions range from requiring the student to re-do the paper to a zero on the paper</dd><dt>Submitting, as one’s own, work done by or copied from another</dt><dd>Includes work done by a fellow student, work done by a previous student, or work done by anyone other than the student responsible for the assignment.
Recommended sanctions range from F on assignment to a recommendation for expulsion</dd></dl>