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Representing the words, thoughts, or ideas of another, as one’s own in any academic exercise. Plagiarism may occur on any paper, report, or other work submitted to fulfill course requirements. Faculty should take into account whether the student has had the opportunity to learn appropriate citation procedures based on previous course work successfully completed before formalizing Academic Integrity charges. Examples of plagiarism include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • submitting work done by another, whether a commercial or non-commercial enterprise, including the Internet, as one’s own work
  • failure to properly cite references and/or sources
  • submitting, as one’s own, work done by or copied from another including work done by a fellow student, work done by a previous student, or work done by anyone other than the student responsible for the assignment
  • Plagiarism also occurs in a group project if one or more members of the group does none of the group’s work and participates in none of the group’s activities, but attempts to take credit for the work of the group.