Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

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Student Conduct Conference (SCC)

At the SCC, students have an opportunity to discuss the incident and charges with a conduct officer. The SCC allows the accused student to ask questions, accept or deny responsibility of the alleged conduct charges, and make decisions about how the student intends to proceed with the case. A responding party who fails to respond to a charge letter by attending the SCC or who at any time fails to respond to notification regarding the conduct process or refuses to abide by the conduct procedures, forfeits the right to have a SCC and waives their right to a hearing. The hearing officer will conduct the SCC in absentia of the responding party and make a determination of responsibility based on the information available.

Conduct Review

If a student fails to attend a scheduled SCC, the conduct officer then schedules a Conduct Review. During the conduct review, the hearing officer will have a conversation with the student(s) about the incident. They will discuss how the incident happened, why it happened and the likelihood of the behavior happening again. Following this conversation, sanctions are assigned that are designed to help the student learn from the experience. If conduct review is scheduled, but the student fails to attend, a decision is rendered in the student’s absence.