office of student rights & responsibilities

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities supports the University’s mission of preparing students for lives of engaged citizenship and leadership in a global society through advocacy, education and accountability. Through educational initiatives and processes for adjudication of alleged misconduct, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities encourages honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. We value a student’s right to a fair, respectful process, and the responsibility each student has to be an accountable member of the University Community.

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Student Panelist

Student Panelists serve in conjunction with faculty and staff as conduct panelists. They hear allegations of violations of the Student Code of Conduct and the Academic Integrity Policy. Student Panelists are one of the most vital elements of the conduct process

Case Coordinator

The Student Case Coordinator is responsible for preparing cases to be presented in Conduct and Academic Integrity Hearings. The Student Case Coordinator will work closely with University Police, faculty members, and the Division of Student Affairs to prepare for hearings. 

Conduct Advisor

Student Conduct Advisors are responsible for assisting students who are accused of violations of the Student Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity Policy in preparing for their hearing. Student Conduct Advisors work closely with students and Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.