Academic Integrity Policy

The Academic Integrity Policy was created by faculty based on the core values and ideals of practice as recommended by the Center for Academic Integrity. The UNCG Faculty Senate reviewed and approved the policy and is available online in its entirety here.

In the event that a faculty member believes a student has violated the Academic Integrity Policy, the faculty member should:

The academic integrity Pledge

Signing the Academic Integrity Pledge may be specified by appropriate persons or offices, as, for example, on theses and dissertations. In signing the pledge, the student indicates his/her knowledge that the Academic Integrity Policy governs his/her academic activities at the University.


Student’s Signature ___________________________________ Date ______

Students should recognize their responsibility to uphold the Academic Integrity Policy and to report apparent violations to the appropriate persons. Students who do not understand the Policy or its application to a particular assignment are responsible for raising such questions with their faculty member.

Additionally, each student affirms the following statement confirming their understanding and acceptance of the principles of the Academic Integrity Policy:

My words and actions will reflect Academic Integrity.
I will not cheat or lie or steal in academic matters.
I will promote integrity in the UNCG community.

Student’s Signature __________________________________ Date ______

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