(Student’s Name)

(Student’s Address)

Dear (Student’s Name):

I have reason to believe that you have violated the Academic Integrity Policy. I would like to meet with you on (insert date and day) at (insert time) in (insert location) to discuss this situation.

You have the following rights:

a. You have the right to postpone the conference and/or entering a plea for at most two (2) business days if you desire.

b. You should realize that you are under no pressure, either overt or implied, to admit responsibility.

c. If you do not admit responsibility, the matter will go through the Academic Integrity Hearing Panel Process.

d. You cannot drop nor grade replace a course in which an academic integrity violation is alleged or has occurred.

e. Before the conference, you should familiarize yourself with the entire Academic Integrity Policy. You are encouraged to consult the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at 336-334-4640.

f. You may bring a silent support person to the Faculty-Student Conference.

Please let me know by email at (insert your email address) or by telephone at (insert phone number) if you do not intend to meet with me at the time stated above.


(insert faculty name)

(insert department)

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