Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

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In the event of a suspected violation of academic integrity, the instructor will schedule a conference with the student. The following statements outline the proper sequence of events for such a conference:

  1. The faculty member contacts the student in writing to inform him/her that an allegation has been made and a faculty-student conference needs to be held to discuss this matter.
  2. At the time of this notification, the instructor shall provide the student with the following statement of rights:
    1. The student has the right to postpone the conference for at most two (2) business days if he/she desires.
    2. The student should realize that he/she is under no pressure, either overt or implied, to admit responsibility.
    3. Before the conference, the student should familiarize himself/herself with the entire Academic Integrity Policy. He/she is encouraged to consult the Student Government Attorney General staff and/or the Dean of Students Office.
  3. During the conference the instructor shall inform the student of the particulars of the suspected violation and the reason(s) for believing such has occurred (the faculty member is under no obligation at this time to reveal identities of third party individuals who may have reported the allegation);
  4. Following this conference, one of four courses of action will be pursued:
    1. if the instructor believes the allegation is not supported by the facts, it will be dismissed;
    2. if the instructor still believes there has been an offense, he/she will indicate to the student his/her assignment of the appropriate sanction. If the student concurs in this outcome, the instructor will complete an “Academic Integrity Violation Form” concerning the violation. Once a student has concurred and has accepted a grade related sanction, the student may not drop the course to avoid the assigned sanction.
    3. if the student disagrees with the finding, the instructor will request a hearing by completing the “Academic Integrity Violation Form” and forward it to the Dean of Students Office within five (5) business days.
    4. If the student accepts responsibility for the violation but not the sanction, the sequence of appeals described in the grade appeals procedure shall be followed (Department Head/Chair, the Dean of the School or College, and the Provost, in that order).
  5. All completed “Academic Integrity Violation Forms” are to be submitted to the Dean of Students Office for appropriate action and/or recording within ten (10) days of completion.
  6. If an accused student fails to respond to faculty notification of the Faculty-Student Conference within five (5) business days, the accused student will forfeit the options described above. The accused student will receive a finding of “responsible” and the sanctions determined by the faculty member will go into effect.
  7. A student may not drop a course to avoid an academic integrity allegation or assigned sanction resulting from a proven allegation.
  8. If the student admits to the offense and accepts the sanction, or is found responsible in the hearing process, and if this is his/her second offense, suspension or expulsion shall be mandatory.